It's my birthday.. and too much of a excitement is not a good thing. Having gone to a new home.. i find that i have difficulty in peeing. maybe it's cos of the unfamiliar surroundings. hrrrmmpp.. really long walks help though.

Well.. i have got tons of presents.. from new leash, collars, bowls, treats and toys. I even got a new frisbee to play with… i need to go to the park to learn how to play with it.

Went to see Whiskey and Brandy… Whiskey is ok.. but that Brandy needs to calm down a bit.. she got so excited that I got irritated with her. Whiskey was ok after a while. I think that we can connect cos we share a mutual hatred for golden retrievers… kekekekekekeke

And met Humpfrey during my night walkies… err.. know something? He tried to hump me. Naughty naughty!

Other then that.. i think that i'm settling down well at my new place.. no complains so far. 🙂