So i drank from the toilet today.. what's the big deal? the water was ok.. though there was something extra that i couldn't pin my nose on. But S made a big deal out of it and closed the lid on the toilet so that i couldn't drink from it any more… In my defence.. i was really really thirsty and was too tired to walk to the kitchen to drink from my water bowl. She wasn't the one who had to run on all four legs around Bishan Park 2 times… She was on this weird contracption that had four wheels on each foot… (Ahhh… blades).. All she has to do was glide… and she went so fast that i really had to run to catch up.It was fun though.. i hadn't had such a good workout for a long time.. She said that she will bring me to the park again on Sat..

I'm looking forward to it most definately.