i absolutely detest going to the vet.

It was scary, noisy.. and oh so cold. And I had 3 jabs.. one on my leg to draw blood for the heartworm test, one for my parvovirus vaccine and another one for the heartworm vaccine. I was bracing myself for a third one… for the microchip. But luckily, the vet check and discovered that I am already microchipped.

The vet was pretty nice.. luckily.. it was a she.. initially.. I didn't liked her too much.. snarled at her in fact.. but she came in with snacks for me! Yippee… but still they had to put a muzzle on me.. just in case I threaten to bite.

I wasn't supposed to be taking the heartworm jab. Was prepared to take oral pills instead.. but apparently the vet heard the instructions wrongly… oh well.. just pray that I get my daily walks.. and maintain my sauve weight of 18.3kg. If I put on weight to above 22kg.. the vaccine will be ineffective.

So yeah.. I'm already registered with petcall.. and am going to be registered with AVA.. really cool.

Well.. the vet bill came up quite high.. luckily.. I didn't have to pay for it… and good thing my essential stuff are all there.. tons of toys, chewables, collar, leash, food… kekekekekkek… .. can go without anything new for a long time.

Oh.. and I'm expecting a raincoat in the mail!!!! A really nice red one. Was caught in the rain when I went for my walkies on Sunday… and had to get a car to come and pick me up from Bishan.. so if I had had my raincoat then.. this wouldn't have happened.. and I needn't take my bath!!! Blah!

Wanna check out my new raincoat?

Nice nice nice??

Will model it when I get it!!