Had a very good day yesterday… well.. almost.. if only I didn't have diarrhea. I had to take de-worming pills that it made me lao sai. I didn't have any accidents at home though.

Rained big time.. and as my rain coat is not here yet.. I was given a SUPER GIRLY tee shirt to wear for my morning walk to prevent me from getting dirty. Good thing too… cos by the time I can back from my walkies.. the tee was black and soaked. Can't wait for my rain coat to get here.

I saw Hazel yesterday!!! Was so happy. I was in the front seat of the car.. and when she got in the back.. I tried so hard to climb over the seats that I got stuck. It was so embarrassing. Had to stay very still for Hazel to help me get unstuck. Got red Santa bandanna from her.. I'm so happy to see her cos she had treats for me.. 🙂 Hazel did say that I looked happy! I hope I am too!

And.. I met Uncle Ronald and his three golden retrievers. Peppy? Britney and someone else… they are not too bad… can't fight with me though. I kept chasing Britney's ball and was so good at getting the ball that eventually Britney gave up competing with me. Blah.. Retriever?? I'm the SUPER retriever!!! KEKEKEKEKEKeekekekke

Can't wait to go Bishan Park and play ball with Uncle Ronald and his dogs again!! He said that he was there daily.. so.. quick!! Bring me there!!