Went down to the Bishan Park yesterday to take my temperament test so that i could go into the dog run and play there.

Good thing that i went there early in the morning at 10 o'clock.. cos shortly after i played there, it started pouring.

Before for that….Did you know that you need to pay $10 cash to take the test? Well. i didn't know that..S didn't either.. she was just dressed in the normal running outfit.. just brought a couple of dollars, her id, atm card, my food and water. So.. we didn't have money to take the test. We attempted to go down the previous week (it rained when we reached Bishan Park.. so we left.. ) and looked like we couldn't take the test this week. Next week was out cos she had to work. So it was like a totally wash-up event until this jogger came up to us and gave us $10 to take the test!!

Can you believe it? He didn't even want to leave his name or phone number for us to contact him to return the money. All he said was that he could see that we were really disappointed that we couldn't take the test and that's why he offered.

Isn't it nice? Sometimes when you least expect it… nice things happens.

Anyway.. the temperament test was really easy.. i passed with flying colours.. the other thing that i didn't like was the rest of the dogs smelling me.. one of these days.. i'm going to nip them and put them in their places .. she stopped me many a times.. and honestly.. those little buggers were smart enough to get out of the way.

Oh.. and I met Suria's daddy at Macritchie… kkekekeke.. i'm going to be making lots and lots of friends.