she would leave me alone.. and not kah jiao me so much.

Before this.. she would normally go to work and leave me alone (sometimes with grandma) at home. Then i would get my undisturbed sleep, rest or even get to chew my toys in peace.

But she's been home these few days.. supposedly to be working on her dissertation (what's that????) and all i see her doing is to disturb me.. rake my fur.. trim my fur… get me to chase my toys.. smoother me with hugs and kisses..

She has been sitting at her desk at time working one something.. but i highly suspect that she is online.. checking out her fave gossip columns on those frivolous celebrities… shopping on ebay.. updated blogs.. editing my pictures (to make me more handsome…) Everything else expect to work on her dissertation.

Did i mention that we have been going out too? To the Institute of Mental Health.. (i'm not wonky.. maybe she is or isn't.. kekeke..but shan't tell you about that if you have such thoughts in your head.. shame on you)… visiting my cousins, Whiskey and Brandy..

Best part is.. she has been blaming me that i'm distracting her from her work.. all i did was to occasionally put a paw on her and ask for food or to play.. it's not me…

i can't wait for her to finish up her work so that i can go and play guilt freely!