been raining alot and i have been wearing her old tees when going out for walks so that well.. i don't get so wet and dirty.. especially my hairy chest.

But honestly.. those clothes don't fit really well… i feel that my front paws are really constricted. so i'm getting some clothes of my own. just that they are not here yet. errmm… i only like one..

the other is a girls tee!!! but she likes it.. and she says that the most she will draw/sew an arrow to point to herself. She so wants to be a surfer gal!!! *roll eyes*

So.. because of all this difficulty and money spent on getting clothes. shesays that her next project after she finishes her dissertation is to make clothes for me! She had checked out some books and found that there are patterns for her to cut and sew. i highly doubt her sewing skills… after all .. you can't teach old dogs new tricks.. but i'll willing to give her a try.. after all the clothes are really nice.

I especially like these…

Doesn't the collie in the picture look like me?

Nice cool tees to wear… errmm.. especially when the floor is wet.

This raincoat is absolutely spiffy

What a nice sweatshirt… but ermm.. i don't need it cos i have all my fur!