i had a great time swimming yesterday at mutts and mittens. Had to prove to them that i had gotten over my fear of the water. The rest couldn't believe that i went swimming on my own accord!

At first i was a bit apprehensive of going into the pool.. but the water was glorious once i got in (ok.. she pulled me in).. swam round a couple of laps.. even went to catch some squeaky toys. i tot that i had enough of swimming ..so got out of the pool and took a bath.. and got all groomed fluffy, white and black.

But just when i was going to say bye to the rest (who were having a great time in the pool by the way).. wendy got thrown in.. i was so afraid that she couldn't swim.. so i jumped into the pool to try and save her. That was the end of my very beautiful fur-do. she could only roll eyes at that point. She figured that since i was wet already.. might as well let me swim some more.. and that's what i did… swum round and round with everyone in the pool. They even got this JRT in the pool.. i had a great time terrorizing him by chasing after him the pool.  too bad she couldn't stay longer.. she had an appointment to work on her dissertation.. (When will it be over???!?!?!?!)

Guess who needed to be washed and blow dry a second time?!!?!??!?!

too bad shedidn't go down into the pool with me this time round. i would have wanted her to go in and swim with me. Next time i guess.. afterall.. Uncle Cohen said that the pool is open to me.. i've got lifetime membership… kekekkekeke

So totally cool!

BTW.. this morning went to the park and played with Dokey.. kkekeke.. he can't outrun me!

P/S too wet to take pictures!!.. missed opportunity!!!