Been hanging out with this other fuzzy fellow… incidentally.. his nickname is fuzzy boy.. kekeke.. But you know something.. i'm really glad to have met him. Cos… it's in our names to hang out together.. then again.. maybe some might say that both our egos are too big and might clash.. but so far… hee hee hee.. i'm still KING!!! (alpha lar!)

Kingsley Meaning: "King's meadow.".. i'd like to think that it meant King or ruler..

Kaiser Variant of Caesar (Latin) possibly "head of hair." A German title meaning emperor, derived from the Roman title of Caesar, as is the Slavic title of Tsar. It is one of the highest titles of nobility. A similar title, Keizer is also used in Dutch as a generic term for emperor.The name has connotations of imperial ruler, as in Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm.

See the two of us?? so majestic right?

Oh.. and check out the view behind us… had a great day out trekking!!

Meanwhile.. some days back….Resting in the cool weeds after a long walk

Kaiser totally ignoring his ball…

Me trying to get the drumstick without going into the water

Errm.. Wat's that growing out of my butt?

All thanks to Uncle Cohen for letting us use the doggy pool and Kaiser's daddy for being the camera man!

Psst.. i'm trying to learn simple agility stuff… trying really hard to learn to tackle the obstacles.. .. have to be patient and generous with me.. (cos i'm so treat motivated!!!) kekekke.. good thing though cos i'm working so hard that i need all the extra nutrients, vitamins and carbo!