November 2005

we went to pulau ubin this morning for a walk. it was really cool…. i got to sit on a bum boat. it almost didn't happen cos this silly man at the changi jetty insisted that i had to muzzled and that we had to charter the whole bum boat there.

Well… luckily, this boatman allowed us to get on without me being muzzled and we got the whole boat. we did ask 3 other people if they mind sharing the boat with me.. and since they didn't.. i got to go ubin. Just in case you were wondering it costs $24 to charter the boat one way.

So upon reaching there… i had to pose for my YOU-HAVE-BEEN-TO-UBIN pictures.

Then we walked around, looking at the birds, bees and even spiders!!

And they are not the incy wincy type ok… they are huge!!! When i think of them.. my fur stands!

We took a hike up to the top of the disused quarry there.. she was so afriad that i would fall off the cliff face.. it was pretty steep to be honest.. but hey.. i'm so surefooted… and am not even afraid of heights at all.


Oh.. did i tell you that i really enjoyed the boat ride?? MORE PLEASE!!!



i got new clothes in the mail recently.. and as promised.. i am modeling them.. though can i make it known that i am a boy.. not a girl.

I like this one.. though it is a bit small… taking it off is a little bit tough. How's my posing?

I'm in absolute shock that i have to put on a surfer girl tee!!…

I really like my rain coat though.. it's so nice!

everyone says micky looks like me!!! wat do you think? look alike? Guess which one is me and which one is micky!

she was really shocked when she saw the hate intensity level i have for german shepherds.

We were watching the trials at the SKC dog show last weekend with kaiser and paddi's mummy and daddy. Most of the dogs were ok.. but once i saw the german shepherds… even though they were so far away from me.. i still have to make my dislike for them known.. i kept challenging them to a fight.. and threaten them.. and wanted them to get away from me.. they didn't pay any attention to me.. rather.. i got pulled aways.. and got distracted by treats that she and kaiser's daddy fed me..

sneaky people.

So.. you have been warned.. german shepherds.. stay away from me!

p/s she is home these few days cos she just had surgery.. nothing major.. wisdom tooth removal.. and she's been eating lots of ice cream.. to make the swell go down … and guess wat?? i get to get ice cream too!!! har har har har… ain't life great… ice cream is so yummy.. and not the watery kind.. rich, creamy type.. her favorite's new york chucky monkey.. but she switched it to butter pecan.. she removed all the pecans before giving me the vanilla ice cream.. did i say that it was yum yum yum?? and i even got to lick the tub at the end of the ice cream eating!

ATTTCK!!! Finally!! A firm grip!

I'm a happy boy!