Gave Jackjack a big Ang Bao today.. with all the well wishes that he’d recover really soon. Everyone’s hoping that he will be up and about.

Donating blood wasn’t tat bad.. though i did struggle a bit initially. Guess i was jittery.. and i even kicked S on the face.. right on her cheek bone. i hope that she isn’t angry with me.

At first, there were only 2 people trying to draw my blood from my paw.. and a vet.. S and Jack’s daddy. But after being unsuccessful, they got another huge guy.. shaved my neck.. and drew blood from the vein from my neck.

The vet was very nice.. and kept talking to me and made me calm. At it really did help that S had treats to distract me. She had to hold my head up to expose the neck so that the blood will flow. All in all.. i would say the whole thing took like 45 mins.

After the blood was collected, i got bandaged up and i got to see Jackjack.. he is so skinny.. and just lying there.. though his eyes are alert.. he couldn’t even lift his head up. The worse thing is that he kept having spasms. Sigh..

Can see that his mummy and daddy are so worried about him. I hope that he gets well really soon.. Hope that my blood in him.. will make him strong and tough and stubborn like me!!

har har har!

That’s me… glum after having my blood drawn.

Looking Glum after giving blood


Gleeful me.. after discovering the amount of treats i’d be getting.

Gleeful.. just thinking of the treats i'd be getting


See my puncture wound where they drew my blood?

See my puncture wound?


Luckily the shaved part is not so obvious, especially with Chinese New Year approaching. I need to look good.

See my Botak patch?


I’m a happy boy still!

I'm a happy dog though