S came home really excited!

She was telling me how i got today-ed.. hrmmp.. didn’t really understand what she was talking about until she showed me a copy of the newspaper.

I was like going huh? Until she pointed out to me that I was quoted in the papers. I had to take a closer look.

Me reading the papers


Here’s the article (click to see a large version)

Today 25 Jan 2006


I’m famous!

I'm Famous!

She said that I got tomorrow-ed too! Someone submitted my blog!

It’s funny.. I have been writing at Multiply for so long, nothing happened and just started this blog and got quoted in the papers for what i wrote here.. it’s a good start to the new year. Best part is that i’m not even familiar with the whole wordpress thingy too.

Hrrrmmpp.. I wonder if i should start charging for appearences.. hee hee hee.. (kidding)

There’s so many things that i need to improve on. Oh.. BTW, i just add-ed an about me section.

Do check out my old blog entries, pictures and videos there!