One of the things i love to do is to swim… and i’m lucky.. cos i have a doggy pool to go to.

Previously, i have been pretty apprehensive about going into the pool. However, ever since being with S, i have grown to love swimming too. i gave her the shock of her life when i jumped into Aunty Sherry’s pool. kekekekekkeekke…

Well.. i went swimming today.. it’s only fair.. after all, S took time off work to swim as well.. and i need my excerise.

Here’s some pictures of me in the pool. Pls excuse the lousy picture quality. She was supposed to change her phone a long time ago.. but didn’t want to in the end.

That’s me doing my laps in the pool. i’m so good at keep to my lane!

swimming 27 Jan 1


Swimming 27 jan