There’s another appeal for blood…

And i can’t help as i have just donated blood. i will need to wait for 1 month between donations. i hope that whomever can help.. please help

Contact Daniel at 81232199, help Jeanie please


Hello all,

I have some sad news to bear. My border collie Jeanie has tick fever (or something) and the parasite in her blood is killing her red blood cells. She desperately needs a blood transfusion as none of the existing donor dog’s blood matches hers. It was only after she took the jab to kill the parasite (which also kills her red blood cells) that the hospital informed me that they could not find a match.

I had to opt for the treatment since the vet said she would not last a week without treatment.

Please if you can spare the time, bring your dog down to Mount Pleasant Hospital at Whitley road (hospital or referral clinic side) and your dog’s blood will be cross matched with Jeanie’s blood. Aside from my undying gratitude for helping to save my best friend, I will also try to make it worth your while.

Feel free to contact me, Daniel at 81232199, if you have any queries.

Thank you for your time.