March 2006

Whiskey's suffering ended a few weeks back. His condition deterorated to the point where his front paws were all curled up and he couldn't stand, became blind in one eye and the other eye was flickering in the end.

He was a beautiful and great dog. He is being missed by those who knew and loved him.I'm glad that i knew him.

Humpfrey and Whiskey


Went swimming again.. and as you can see, the Good cuz is a great toy.

See, I wrote about my toy here

BTW, I’m learning how to scuba dive too.

Me and good cuz

Who's this?

And who's this?

Who's got Cuz?

Everyone can’t wait to get a GRIP on it!

S got a bit of a mixed up feeling today.. because of what i did…

See.. we were going out today.. i needed to get my dog food.. but S's car was feeling under the weather (hot radiator) so she took her daddy's car to drive to get my food.

Well… as usual, the silly motorcyclist have to come so close to the car.. so i wasn't happy about it.. and show them by barking at them.. and this motorcyclist came really close.. and i just had to snapped at him.. and guess wat happened?

The windscreen broke!!!!!

Luckily nothing happened to my head though… though S suspects that my IQ wasn't that high in the first place. Otherwise I wouldn't have done that at all.. Headbutting the windscreen.

Well, S was relieved that nothing happened to my head.. no bumps or any injuries.. but the thing is that i cannot afford to pay S's daddy for the damaged windscreen (the car's a Merc too!!!). S suggested that she would sell my fur to raise funds… but i don't think that there'd be any buyers cos Singapore is so hot… So what should i do?

I got my new tags in the post yesterday.. so  had to take some pictures to show..

Check them out! My new Blue Tag!

My Red Tag!

Me Modelling the tags! Nice???

So what do you think? Which one’s nicer?

After S found out about the use of the picture of my tag, she contacted Sammybear. She wrote a nice email to get them to contact her. And they reverted.. in the end, all S wanted was for Sammybear to tell/inform/ask her for the use of the picture. In all honesty, it is not a big deal for them to use the picture.

What was really nice about Sammybear was that they offered 2 tags in return for the use of the picture. Of course I’m pleased .. and S was pretty thrilled. It’s the first time that her pictures got ‘sold’. Ain’t it great?

S promised Sammybear that she will take pictures of the new tags that she’d be getting and of course, i too will be posing with them. Can’t wait.

So.. do keep your eyes peeled for more pictures soon!

P/s do go and buy the tags from them, they do make really nice tags!!

S was looking around for a new tag for me cos mine is faded and worn…. and not forgetting that in the first place, the telephone number listed on the back of the tag was wrong..

Guess wat she found online?

Kingsley's tag

Well.. apparently the fellow whom she ordered the tag from previously used her picture of MY TAG to sell.

Well, is it a good thing or not? Should S be flattered?


i got a new toy over the weekend.

It’s the JW Good Cuz toy (i have it in blue!)

Good and Bad Cuz

According to reviews, it’s suppposed to be a tough squeaker toy that is extremely tough. S got it for me cos she knew how much i love squeaker toys.

Guess wat? Within 5 mins of playing with it, the squeaker’s broken. S tried to revive it. But then it became totaly dead.. oh well.. just hope that even without the squeaker, i’d still want to play with it.

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