After S found out about the use of the picture of my tag, she contacted Sammybear. She wrote a nice email to get them to contact her. And they reverted.. in the end, all S wanted was for Sammybear to tell/inform/ask her for the use of the picture. In all honesty, it is not a big deal for them to use the picture.

What was really nice about Sammybear was that they offered 2 tags in return for the use of the picture. Of course I’m pleased .. and S was pretty thrilled. It’s the first time that her pictures got ‘sold’. Ain’t it great?

S promised Sammybear that she will take pictures of the new tags that she’d be getting and of course, i too will be posing with them. Can’t wait.

So.. do keep your eyes peeled for more pictures soon!

P/s do go and buy the tags from them, they do make really nice tags!!