April 2006

Whoever had heard of dogs taking 3 baths a week??

guess wat happened?? I got dirty again.. i think i'm developing this strange attention to mud.

see.. it started out as a normal sunday walk…

Running around in the field…

Waiting for my ball from S…

Stalking and giving the ball the "collie eye"

And…playing fetch

After a while, i got a bit thirsty.. so i went to drink some water… taste funny though

Let's try lying down in the mud.. feels a bit strange…

Kind of yucky.. but nice.. a totally strange sensation

But… now i understand why animals wallow in mud!!.. i feel great after the mud bath! Watch out.. here comes mud-zilla

See who's got the dirtiest feet?

And it's time to go home….

To take a another bath… blah!


After my run at the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge on Tuesday, i tot that it would be a long long time before i have to take a bath again.

Guess wat? i took a bath again today.. less than 3 days later!

Sigh… mud is really bad for my well-being. But it was something that i really had to do.

Guess by now you all would have known that there is a general election happening in Singapore. In order to find out whom i should be voting for, i need to listen to rallies, to find wat the political parties have to say.

Knowing full well that the fields are going to be muddy due to the rain earlier, i even put on my shirt.

That's me being so caught up listening to the speaker.

And just before leaving

As you can see, the shirt was only effective up to a certain extend. Guess who had to take a bath again?


BTW, you are not supposed to be blogging or doing any podcast of the upcoming elections.

Remember.. prison got no broadband!

Fight for my rights! 😛

i finished the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge today…

Did the whole 5.6km in 48 mins. Not very fast to be honest, i feel that i was dragged/slowed down by S… blah.. i could have gone so much faster…

It was quite fun to be honest.. i got to step in all the mud puddles.. got my picture taken.. and lots of people pat me! The only time i got miffed was when this stupid fellow came up and started wiggling water bottles at me. She shouted at the fellow, saying that I BITE!!! Then the stupid fellow was so taken aback…and of cos she scared her colleagues.. who didn’t know that she is prefectly capable of shouting. 😛

Anyway.. here’s a picture of dirty me and my number tag, quick go and buy 4D!! I think i was the only dog running out of 11,000 participants. So probably if you did see a border collie..that’s me!

(i was slow cos i couldn’t squeeze in front.. and i had to make stops for him to drink! 😛 – s)

Edit: See the crowds? i was smack in the middle of all of them!

11430 runners and dog!

Look for me?

p/s, i was squeezed just below the balloons on the right side of the picture. i didn’t know that there were so many people behind me!!

Crowd pictures taken from the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge website.

All this talk about training has made S reading.

Actually.. she didn't purposely look for books.. she saw this book on in the new arrivals trolley and just took to read.

The flashy title and bookcover caught S's attention. It's called "It's Me or the Dog". She thought that it was a chick lit novel… har har har.. instead.. turned out to be a dog training book!

Apparently, it is quite an enjoyable read. Lots of colourful pictures and simple to follow instructions.

Well.. depends on whether S follows the instructions.. and me following what she say.

Honestly, i don't think that she is such a good handler. i can still pull rank over her. And i believe it does makes her kind of frustration.

i guess it is all a learning process.

Anyway.. back to the book. Apparently, the author is a doggy trainer too and has her own tv show. You can find out more about Victoria Stilwell on her website.

Some tips:

Think DOG! How I can be the top dog

1. Be the Calm authority – yawn or scratch to calm S down.
2. Establish pack leader by not responding whenever S asks for it.

3. Be on TOP by climbing over S.

4. Eat First and off S plate!

5. Be in control of my TOYS!

6. Make S shift when she is in my territory – easy to do with my big butt!
Communicating with DOG – How to read the signals

Ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, neck, back, hackles, tails, paws, stomach, play-bow, sniffing, yawning, scratching, sneezing, stretching, freezing, circling.

Then there are basic training instructions, excerising the dog.

And then dealing with common misbehaviours and also social issues.

To tell you the truth, i'm learning lots from this book when S will let me finish it.

Do check it out. You can get the book at the library. Check out the catalogue on the NLB website.

(Since this is Kingsley's blog.. i will let him write wat he wants.. but it is obvious that i'm the top dog… he's just being naughty and want to get away with things going his way. – S)

One of S's friends read this post, Sitting Ducks, decided to get a whole bunch of squeaky duckies for me to chew.

See the picture below? i have a total of 5 duckies.. 3 more than S!

Mother duckie went for a car ride with me and she was left in the car, so no photo session for her.

i was just drooling to get Mister Duckie.

The beak's not bad.

But the best part is the neck hee hee he..

Call me Mr. S-A-V-A-G-E!!! i love torturing my duckies!

p/s: Thanks Auntie WL for the duckies. *kee gu* *kee gu*

Updates: Mister Duckie has a hole in the neck liao.. psst.. i heard that Auntie V and Auntie A got more duckies for me?? kekekekkekekekekke
More toys please!!

Found this picture in S's camera today.. i do like this picture. i was enjoying this day so much that i was having such a wide grin!

On a more serious note, please read this article titled, "He just wants to say hi!". It's a great read and in a way explains my intolerence towards other dogs. i think some of the dogs owners i know must read this too! They have such RUDE dogs.

I hope that this makes S a better handler and owner too!

Today is 22 April 2006

And guess wat? My blog made it to dogmart.net – Cool dog site of the day.

Ain't it cool?

Dogmart.net April 2006

The site also runs a Monthly Best Site. So if you could go and vote for me.. it'd be great! i promise to share my bones with you.

Click here to vote.

BTW, there are cute icons that you can download too.

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