S was away for the week… so i didn't get access to my email. Hrrmmp.. well.. when i opened my mailbox today, i discovered that Straits Times had wanted to interview S and myself on my blog. I could have been in today's Sunday Times featured in an article about doggie's blog. And because i didn't get to check my email and revert back to the reporter, they didn't write about me. It was kinda a missed opportunity… given that i have started blogging ever since i went to stay with S back in October 2005. And the reason that i started blogging was to keep in touch wit all my friends that had showed me so much care and concern during my stay at the shelter and to let them know that i am being well taken care of. 🙂

Anyway…. never mind.. maybe next time right?

S came back and got a bunch of treats for me. She said that there are lots of pet stores in Hong Kong. However, what i was really interested in was a pair of squeaky ducks that her friends had given her. The pair of ducks was a souveiners from their wedding.. and guess wat? I'm really fascinated by them.

Look at them? Sitting ducks for me

Sitting ducks



All went dark for the duckies!

There is no escape!

Inside the jaws of death!

In the Jaws of Death

By the way, S made me give back tthe duckies. They were not for me. So you can see, no harm was done to them.

No ducks were harmed