It is really sad that there is no blood banks for dogs in Singapore.. and it is very disheartening to hear appeals for help everytime there is a need for help.

Hospitals in Singapore are often able to find a first donor. However, in cases where there needs to be a second tranfusion, another donor needs to be found as the first donor cannot donate so soon after. And that's when owners and human companions have to scramble and look for suitable donors.

i wouldn't want that to happen to me if and when i am sick. i wonder while i'm healthy, is there anyway that i can store my own blood like the humans do for emergencies? Or even have a blood bank for us to buy blood?

Someone did suggest to complie a list of owners with big dogs who are willing to donate blood so that in cases like this, we can at least approach someone for help. i wonder if Singaporeans are willing to participate in such a scheme?

S read about Bruno's appeal for blood and brought me in last night to go for blood matching. i was a bit distressing for me as i don't really like vets. However, i need to do that to overcome my fear of vets so that i will be calmer in future. S was a bit sad for Bruno cos the technician had difficulty drawing Bruno's blood for testing as his veins are so small. They used the needle to poke him until the whole area was swollen and red. After some time, they managed to draw some blood but unfortunately, my blood is not compatible with Bruno's. I was kinda sad that he went thru much pain for the drawing of the blood and in the end it was in vain.

It was heartening to hear that they managed to get a donor around midnight and after the transfusion, his blood count is up but still at a very low level of 16.8% from the usual 30+%.

Bruno's journal of events leading up to now of what happened and why he needs blood.

If you are able to help and want to find out more about blood donation, you can read more in my previous post titled, " Failed Blood Donors "