Well.. S has been doing lots of shopping recently..buying stuff for her friends, family and even me!

In view of her convocation's ( it's a ceremony where everyone wears real stiff gowns, listen to boring speeches and lined up to shake hands and take pictures… all the fuss for wat? – i don't understand.. but seems that S's parents are looking forward to it.) that is coming up in July.. she had wanted to get me a graduation gown for me to wear so that we can take pictures together… but i think that it is really ugly!!

graducation gown

So luckily for me, she spotted something nicer… and thank goodness… something that is much more wearable for me!!

All dressed up

What do you think of my very nice necktie and collar?

Here's a closer look!

Closer look

S reckons that i look really smart! keekekeke.. i think that she always dresses me up for her own amusement!