Easter is coming and all the bunnies around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny is said to be a mystical giant bunny who goes around granting wishes for bunnies.

“You think the Easter Bunny will come here?” asked Bunty the Bunny “I really hope so…Maybe if we wish really hard he’d appear!” said Bonnie the Bunny. As the bunnies closed their eyes and made their wish, suddenly, from below the ground, a giant bunny burrows out… the bunnies were shocked beyond words!

“EEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!” cried Bunty.

“I’m the Easter Bunny and I am here to grant your wishes,” said the Easter Bunny

As the bunnies heard that, they excitedly scrambled to the front of their cage and started fighting to get their wishes heard.

Both of the bunnies shouted, “Me first! Me first!”

The Easter Bunny got really close to the bunnies to hear their wishes.

Bunty began to speak of her wish.

“I just have a very simple wish. I wish to be well cared for and loved.”

“Your wish will be granted by Easter morning!” said the Easter Bunny.

Bonnie then proceeded to make her wish as well.

“Very well, now that I have heard both of your wishes, I’d be hopping to other places around the world to hear all the other bunny wishes.” Said the Easter Bunny.

With a turn of his back and a hop, the Easter Bunny disappeared for the rest of the year and will only be back next year!


Back at Easter Bunny’s headquarters…

“Oh no… so many wishes.. so little resources… darn the cutbacks… I’ll have to get more sponsorship and progressive packagee to support my cause!”

Happy Easter EVERYONE!