One of S's friends read this post, Sitting Ducks, decided to get a whole bunch of squeaky duckies for me to chew.

See the picture below? i have a total of 5 duckies.. 3 more than S!

Mother duckie went for a car ride with me and she was left in the car, so no photo session for her.

i was just drooling to get Mister Duckie.

The beak's not bad.

But the best part is the neck hee hee he..

Call me Mr. S-A-V-A-G-E!!! i love torturing my duckies!

p/s: Thanks Auntie WL for the duckies. *kee gu* *kee gu*

Updates: Mister Duckie has a hole in the neck liao.. psst.. i heard that Auntie V and Auntie A got more duckies for me?? kekekekkekekekekke
More toys please!!