i finished the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge today…

Did the whole 5.6km in 48 mins. Not very fast to be honest, i feel that i was dragged/slowed down by S… blah.. i could have gone so much faster…

It was quite fun to be honest.. i got to step in all the mud puddles.. got my picture taken.. and lots of people pat me! The only time i got miffed was when this stupid fellow came up and started wiggling water bottles at me. She shouted at the fellow, saying that I BITE!!! Then the stupid fellow was so taken aback…and of cos she scared her colleagues.. who didn’t know that she is prefectly capable of shouting. 😛

Anyway.. here’s a picture of dirty me and my number tag, quick go and buy 4D!! I think i was the only dog running out of 11,000 participants. So probably if you did see a border collie..that’s me!

(i was slow cos i couldn’t squeeze in front.. and i had to make stops for him to drink! 😛 – s)

Edit: See the crowds? i was smack in the middle of all of them!

11430 runners and dog!

Look for me?

p/s, i was squeezed just below the balloons on the right side of the picture. i didn’t know that there were so many people behind me!!

Crowd pictures taken from the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge website.