All this talk about training has made S reading.

Actually.. she didn't purposely look for books.. she saw this book on in the new arrivals trolley and just took to read.

The flashy title and bookcover caught S's attention. It's called "It's Me or the Dog". She thought that it was a chick lit novel… har har har.. instead.. turned out to be a dog training book!

Apparently, it is quite an enjoyable read. Lots of colourful pictures and simple to follow instructions.

Well.. depends on whether S follows the instructions.. and me following what she say.

Honestly, i don't think that she is such a good handler. i can still pull rank over her. And i believe it does makes her kind of frustration.

i guess it is all a learning process.

Anyway.. back to the book. Apparently, the author is a doggy trainer too and has her own tv show. You can find out more about Victoria Stilwell on her website.

Some tips:

Think DOG! How I can be the top dog

1. Be the Calm authority – yawn or scratch to calm S down.
2. Establish pack leader by not responding whenever S asks for it.

3. Be on TOP by climbing over S.

4. Eat First and off S plate!

5. Be in control of my TOYS!

6. Make S shift when she is in my territory – easy to do with my big butt!
Communicating with DOG – How to read the signals

Ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, neck, back, hackles, tails, paws, stomach, play-bow, sniffing, yawning, scratching, sneezing, stretching, freezing, circling.

Then there are basic training instructions, excerising the dog.

And then dealing with common misbehaviours and also social issues.

To tell you the truth, i'm learning lots from this book when S will let me finish it.

Do check it out. You can get the book at the library. Check out the catalogue on the NLB website.

(Since this is Kingsley's blog.. i will let him write wat he wants.. but it is obvious that i'm the top dog… he's just being naughty and want to get away with things going his way. – S)