After my run at the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge on Tuesday, i tot that it would be a long long time before i have to take a bath again.

Guess wat? i took a bath again today.. less than 3 days later!

Sigh… mud is really bad for my well-being. But it was something that i really had to do.

Guess by now you all would have known that there is a general election happening in Singapore. In order to find out whom i should be voting for, i need to listen to rallies, to find wat the political parties have to say.

Knowing full well that the fields are going to be muddy due to the rain earlier, i even put on my shirt.

That's me being so caught up listening to the speaker.

And just before leaving

As you can see, the shirt was only effective up to a certain extend. Guess who had to take a bath again?


BTW, you are not supposed to be blogging or doing any podcast of the upcoming elections.

Remember.. prison got no broadband!

Fight for my rights! 😛