As mentioned in the previous post, i went dog hashing over the weekend. Now, what happens in dog hashing? Basically a trail using chalk and paper markers is set by one or two ‘hares’. So we, both the humans and dogs will have to follow the trail from start to finish. Now, sometimes there false trails set which may lead to a T-stop.. so when that happens… the hashers will have to backtrack and look for the correct marker and continue from there.

Now, the hash that i went for was held at Bukit Brown Cememtary. We were given very simple instructions to follow. No picking up of bones.. you’d never know where it came from.. kekekeke

And off we went.. bashing through the trees and bushes.. walking over logs… jumping into the water streams… and of cos a bit of splucking in mud.

it was really cool. S and I took about 50 mins to an hour to finish the whole trail.. oh note that you do travel in a group so that you don’t get lost… and man.. all of us were exhausted after the hash.. not to mention dirty, muddy and thirsty!

There were like over 20 dogs.. but S didn’t get to take all of their pictures. There were a mixture of singapore specials, beagles, golden retrievers, dalmation, JRTs, maltese, boxer, even a rhodesdian ridgeback.

Meet some of the fellow doggy hashers.

I don’t remember all their names.. but i believe this zombified golden retriever is called Monty

Jake is one of the sweetest dog i have ever met.. see him licking his hc*’s feet after the run?

And S who was positively dirty after the hash got her face cleaned by a ridgeback!

Now,the next hash will take place on the first sat of next month which will be on 3rd June. The hashers are looking for more members to take part in such activites. So if you are keen to join the hashing, drop the hashers or myself an email. Remember.. you are bound to get dirty and muddy.. but have tons of fun!

*hc = human companion