Buddy, the golden retreiver had his barkday party today.

His HCs were really cool, booking the whole pool for all his friends to go swimming.. and he even got tons of food of us dogs to eat.

That's Buddy and his barkday cake. It was really yummy!

Can't see Buddy's HC?

Here's a picture of them swimming in the pool together. Isn't it sweet?

As usual, i'm forever launching myself into the pool

Something funny happened too. There were like 8 or 9 dogs.. and after swimming for some time.. everyone left the pool to get some food to eat.

Only Buddy, the border collie (not the birthday boy) and myself were perfectly contented to swim in the pool…

But i think after a while.. the humans forgot about us. Buddy and I had to look really really pathetic to get their attention!

Luckily, it worked! Otherelse we would have had gotten totally wrinkled paws and tails!

Oh.. something else too… i went for my assesment to become a search and rescue dog.. seems that my attention span for play is not long or focus enough. S will need to play more with me if i want to become a search and rescue dog.

I guess will need to see how much i can improve before going for a second assessment.

BTW, Auntie A and Auntie V, everyone loved the miffins that S bought for all the dogs.. it was all eaten up.. even some of the miffen dollies. And guess wat? there were leftovers from the US doggie bakery 😛