Guess who is pet of the month?


And no.. i didn't strip down and expose myself to become pet of the month. 😛

S submitted this picture for the pet of the month contest on The Pet Portal for May contest and the members voted it as the top picture.

So I got the first prize. Which was supposed to be a dog house sponsored by Petfuze (psst.. they do sell really nice stuff!). But can you imagine me in the dog house? I'd look like this!


It was going to be way too small. I hardly think that my butt can fit in the house. So S spoke to the sponsors and they were really nice to change it to a water dispenser!

And guess wat? I came up with the brilliant idea for me to get iced water during the hot hot days that are coming up.

See if i get S to freeze the bottle of water and put the frozen bottle before she goes to work, the ice will slowly melt through the day.. and i get iced water the whole day.. until she gets back from work!!

Ain't that great??!!!

See diagram from great clarity! 

Brillant (iced) water dispenser

I'm so looking forward to my prize!