Was really looking forward to this day. The weather was a tad too hot.. but once inside the trail.. it got cooler and not forgetting the lovely water streams that are there to cool us down.


I was really glad that my friend, Oliver came.. and got to know some other new friends.. Eddie… and Aunty A even brought Milo and Aunty’s V’s, Leo (who really was tired out!) His excuse was that he was out playing the whole day already… har har har.. did you know that he had to be dragged and carried? And I tot that YuYu was the only one had the licence to be carried (cos she so small.. couldn’t jump over the logs and such).

Dogs dogs dogs!

There were alot more dogs and humans this time round.. huummpp.. i wonder how many legs are there in total.

Circle Time

After the run.. we just milled and sat around and enjoyed the CIRCLE.

No new shoes!

Reminder to those who wear shoes. DO NOT EVER WEAR NEW SHOES TO A HASH.. if you do.. please keep quiet about it.. else.. the hashers would christen the shoe by making you drink from it. Like what this guy did. Totally yucky!!!

For the record… 2 people got peed on. One was Suzanna.. who got her golden shower from Scooter, the black lab…

Peed on!

That’s Suzanna and Aunty P cleaning her up. (i can’t wait for her to wear the top again.. if got nice smell… hrrmmp.. i may be tempted as well!)

And the other??? Jara.. who peed on his HC.. and guess what is his new nickname? kekekekkeke…

Take a guess!

Take a WILD guess!!

Anyway.. i got my hasher’s bandana too!.. nice? Given that i’m on a diet now.. i am willing to take on modelling jobs for food and treats. Any takers???

I'm a hasher!

My new bandana

I’m so looking forward to the next hash which will be on 1st July. Hope that all my friends will be joining me too! Aunty V, Aunty A, Aunty P and Aunty S!

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