S is hoping to get an oven soon. even though that she claims that it is for her to bake stuff like curry puffs, lasagna and even esccargos… i know that most of the time.. the oven would be used for baking my treats!


How do i know? She brought back a whole bunch of books from the library.. and the one that perked me up the most was this book.

Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way by Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye.


They run one of the most successfuly dog bakery in the States.

The receipes are so simple that even i can bake using my paws.. the only bad thing is that there are no colour pictures form me to drool over, difficult to find what's on each page as there is no table of contents.. i'd have to patiently wait for S to get the oven.. and start baking for me!!!

Bet you'd drool too if you hear of goodies such as Say "Cheese!" Tail Chasers, Little Eataly Meatballs, Labrador Lasagna, Hound Dog Hash and much more!