July 2006

The day started out bright and early and hot…

We made our way down to Bedok Reservoir for an organised run… well.. nothing much to it.. except S obviously couldn’t make it… she claims that she was still recovering from flu (she skivvied from work on last tuesday!!!)… so has to take it slowly. like i believe! i was so eager to go.. but was held back by her.

Guess i was the only dog there again.. and something funny happened. This bug-eyed woman (i guess she was bug-eyed cos she was staring so hard at me… i’m sure she’s could be decent looking if she tries.. afterall as the great Estee Lauder once said,”There’s no such thing as a ugly woman, just a lazy one!”) turn and yelled to us, ” How can you hold a dog and run??!!!”

I supposed she didn’t like my presence. But before I can go and nip her, S retorted, “Then let him (me) off leash???!!!”

Bug-eyed thing went, “If you dare!”

S just rolled her eyes.

I tot that i was supposed to be leashed in public parks. I wondered wat her gripe was? That S was holding me back and almost choking me to death.. or that she was against dogs running in the PUBLIC PARK?

In both matters.. obviously Bug-eyed is wrong in so many ways… and i don’t know where to start!

Anyway, we took the run slow. the consolation is that we didn’t come in last and we completed the run!! Muarharhar harharhar…

There was a photographer who took some pictures of us running and he said that he’d email to us.. so hopefully.. can get some pictures..

Me after the run

Told you that it was hot!!!

So after all that suffering and drama…. i got a new bed!!

Not just any bed.. a cool foot bed!

It has a removable cooling gel pad that can be ‘frozen’ so that the bed remains nice and cool for up to 5 hours! Just in time for the hot hot days!

picture taken from petfuze

How's this for a pose?

That’s me testing my new bed

Time for a nap

Feels comfortable enough…


Now bugger off and do not disturb! I need my rest!!!


People always look at my teeth and go, “Wah! so white and no bad breath!!” i always wondered if bad breath is bad… cos wouldn’t be great to smell wat you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even TREATS!! kekekkeke

Anyway, I didn’t always have white teeth.. in fact i used to have yellow teeth… it was almost to the point that i had to go to the vet to do scaling. Imagine the pain and horror of having to under general anesthetic for cleaning teeth!! And of course not forgetting the amount of treats it’d cost me… (the money has to be paid from somewhere!!)

So after speaking to some dog owners… especially Suria’s owner, Pal, he suggested to S that she starts giving me ox tails to clean my teeth. And since then… i had had my pearly whites sparkling white!

Here’s a list of some of the stuff that i chew on to keep them white. Do note that not everyone think that it’s good.. please do your own research first. There’s a few train of thoughts and practices… but if you plan do eat bones, make sure that a human is around.. just in case of accidents okies?

1. Bone marrow – super duper hardy… sometimes it can take me up to 2 days to chew the whole thing with breaks of course. ($3/kg.. if i remember correctly)

2. Lamb bones – marrow is very fragrant ($3/kg)

3. Ox tail – the meat is so juicy and yummy ($12/kg)

Note that all the above are given RAW… but S blanch the bones and ox tails with boiling water for like 5 -10 seconds to kill off all the bacteria. 

4 Cooked/baked pork knuckles – so so so yummy

5. Roo tails – they look like dried fingers and are a tad oily but has less fat (so they claim)

i wish that i can get them everyday… but you know the saying… moderation is the key.. so i get such treats 3 times a week only. And wat’s good is that i can to eat different stuff every time! YUM YUM YUM!!

I’ll try to get S to take pictures of me enjoying the treats okies?

Now.. let me dazzle you with my teeth!

Clean teeth

Cross-Country with Other Statutory Boards

NLB athletes (Front, left to right): Kingsley the dog, Lim Shang Nee, Serena Tan Swee Yin, Jadely Seetoh Shu Cheng, Jessica Goh Bee Fong (sitting) and Tony Leow. Rear, left to right: Tan Pei Jiun, Ian Sim Mong Seng, Sandamurthi Rethinam, Gabriel Tan Soon Chye, Eugene Anthony, Ravi Seethepalli and Leong Sek Choon.

From the Stadium, to the Reservoir and Back
NLB athletes turned up early on 29 July to complete a 5.8km course along the Bedok Reservoir route. Both the starting and finishing points of the race were at Temasek Polytechnic’s Sports Stadium. NLB supporters had a good view of the race from their vantage point in the stadium spectator stand, where they cheered and rallied for the NLB athletes. The collective warm-up exercise session took place just before the event, when participants gathered at the starting point, ready to commence the run.

Bang! … and they’re off.

The 5.8km route from Temasek Polytechnic, to the Bedok
Reservoir and back.

Just 9am but Already Melting
The Women’s Veteran and Women’s Open flagged off at 9.15am in the sweltering heat. Ten minutes later, the Men’s Veteran and Men’s Open flagged off and all competitors pushed beyond the boundaries of their stamina and perseverance. Enduring the Humidity
Even Mr Ian Sim Mong Seng, Assistant Manager, National and Digital Libraries Group Services (NDL Group Services), who runs regularly, seemed to have had his endurance level tested. “I run regularly but there’s always the humidity that I have to endure,” he said.

I don’t know about running styles, but Ms Tan Pei Jiun, Librarian, Digital Library Services, sure has lots of style!

Front, left to right: Pei Jiun, Kingsley, Shang Nee, Gabriel, Ravi, Leong, Ian, Tony
Rear, left to right: Eugene, Jadely, Serena.

Style Makes Up for Everything
Cross-country running requires the athlete to adopt a different running style from that suitable for hard, level ground. Cross-country races cannot be run at the same speed as track races. Thus, the runner who is lacking in pace may be able to compensate for this by adapting his or her style to the terrain and thus achieve optimum results .

Left to right: Mr Leong Sek Choon,Specialist,
Library and Professional Services (LPS), and
Mr Ian Sim Mong Seng, Assistant Manager,
NDL Group Services, proudly don the NLB flag.

Ms Lim Shang Nee,
Librarian, CLL, finishes the run with a huge smile
on her face.

Left to right:
Mr Leong Sek Choon, Specialist, LPS and
Mr Tan Say Hong,
Executive, Client Library Services, take the competition seriously.

This lovely girl is looking for a home.

She’s 5, got plenty of love for both dogs and kids.


My picture, taken by velociraptor made it to Flickr Explore on 23 July 2006


Where did all the fur come from?
I never knew that i was hiding a cat in my fur until S groomed me for 3 hours last week using the furminator… it’s amazing isn’t it?

The CAT!!! not the amount of fur!!

(you don’t see it??… look carefully… got ears, noses, paws even!)

Date: Saturday 05 August 2006

Time: 4:30pm Registration

5:00pm Run Starts

Location: Lorong Lada Hitam – Off Mandai Road

Hares: David Grant

Members fees:

Non-Beer Drinkers $60* (half year)

Beer Drinkers $80* (half year)

Guest not registered:

Non-Beer drinkers $15

Beer Drinkers $20

Dogs……… FOC

*Fees include all drinks and circle snacks.

For further information call

Sandra hp: 9833 9317

Alice hp: 9842 2483

Web page: www.doghash.com

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