With the success of her baking and cooking attempts for me, S went and got a whole bunch of books. Some from the library.. and 2 of the books she really likes them so much.. she went to get her own copies to keep.

(thanks to Auntie WL for the kino discount card! kekekeke)

Cookbooks for the dogs

The various titles that she got (just in case you are wondering) are:

Clockwise from left:

Bow Wow Chow: Hearty Recipes for Happy Dogs by Julia Szabo

The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs: 50 Home-Cooked Recipes for the Health and Happiness of Your Canine Companion by Donna Twichell Roberts

Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way by Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye

Dog Treats by Kim Campbell Thornton

Now previously S had complained that there was no pictures in the Three Dog Bakery book, the new one that she got had plenty of pictures. .. and they were so appetitizing…

Yummy recipes to try out nextSo she decided to try making the Li’l Porkers for me.Despite following the recipe…guess what happened?

Making the Lil' Porkers

Somehow the treats didn’t look any like the ones in the book!

Real thing vs the picture in the cookbook

See!!! I didn’t get li’l piggies.. i got teddies, hippos and elephants and the colour was so different!


However, just to make S happy… i’d still gobble all of them up to show my appreciation!

*S whispers – not all for you!!

Sigh.. i have got to share them! Any takers?