August 2006

The things i do to entertain the humans.

See video here

FYI, the topless man is S’s dad.. and me? I’m covered with fur all the time.. 😛


The next Dash is:
Dash#: 56
Date: Saturday 02 September 2006
Time:4:30pm Registration
5:00pm Run Starts
Location: Kent ridge park (south buona vista vigilante dr.)top car park

Hares: Quicksand ( Sandra lee)
Members fees:

Non-Beer Drinkers $60* (half year)

Beer Drinkers $80* (half year)
Guest not registered:

Non-Beer drinkers $15

Beer Drinkers $20
Dogs……… FOC
*Fees include all drinks and circle snacks.
For further information call
Sandra hp: 9833 9317
Alice hp: 9842 2483
Web page: <;
See you there!

ON Woof!

pictures by S.. not my S.. Chester’s S! 🙂

I do it all the time at home. click to see video

read more about it

rolling my eyes

She just disovered that my ideal weight range is between 16 and 20 kg and *drum roll* I’m over at 20.4 kg!!!!!

*roll eyes*


too tired to blog about it… but i’m absolutely over the moon with my goodie pack!! kekekekke..

here are the pictures by Chikhing

Milo’s birthday party

Aug 21, 2006 – 67 Photos

And here are the pictures from S’s camera!

Milo’s birthday party

Aug 21, 2006 – 11 Photos

Enjoy the pictures!

edit: write-up of the party by Aunty A can be found here

And i love having things to do..

picture by ck

Don’t you think that i look really happy.. and that i look like a pro jumper even though i’m just a beginner and doing this for fun.. if only S can be more consistent with her training.

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