despite of all the arrangements that S made.. i didn’t want to go to the hash without her at all..

and serves me right.. cos at the end of the hash.. not only she was limping.. i’m limping at well.. (due to a blister that i had gotten from running). But don’t worry about it.. cos i have applied some medicine to it.

Needless to say..i had a great time on the hash.. and i bet all the dogs and humans did too.

well..words can’t tell you how much i enjoyed the whole hashing… le the pictures do it okies?

You can either click on my picture or click here

Hope that you have as much fun looking at the pictures as i did doing them up!

Till the next hash… hope to see all of you all there!

edit: found some additional pictures taken of the hash by evelyn (owner of westerfield and waylah) here

See how pathetic westerveld looks at the end of the hash?

Another dead dog…

Doesn’t this pose looks familiar?

Check out this picture..

Different dog.. same “dead” position during the hash on 6 may 2006

isn’t it funny that they are all GRs? 😛