Picture 007_1

Here are the doggie runners

collage1 collage

As usual, briefing before the run

Picture 034

This boxer wanted to join us… but couldn’t… next time i suppose

Picture 069

After all.. who wouldn’t want to join us? Wide open spaces to run in

Picture 067 Picture 077

And you even get wedding couples joining in the hash! It’s that great!

Picture 071

Fresh air and use lots of arm power too

Picture 065
It’s really not that tough….

Picture 090

Uh-oh… i think i spoke too soon!

Picture 092

The survivors!

Picture 100

The headgear wearing dudettes

Picture 163

And the hairless…. okies.. the good looking ones.

Picture 186

And what do we have here? A new face implant receipent?

Picture 166

And another one…

Picture 196

And another one…

Picture 199

Oh no.. it’s the latest fad for down under!!!

Picture 169

Will the original Steve aka footloose stand?

Picture 191

We’ll going to miss you.. from all of us from the dog hash…

A proper sending off!!!

Picture 038

There’s tons of pictures… see here

And check out the video of this run too.

Check it out here