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“There are said to be no rules in hashing, however several traditions have developed with a violation of such severely frowned upon and likely to invoke a punishment by way of a ‘down-down’. A ‘down-down’ is one of the oldest traditions and is a means of punishing or rewarding pretty much anything. Upon being called to do a ‘down-down’ the accused must come to the middle of the circle and drink everything that they have in their vessel (generally a cup, mug, or other drinking device). They must do this without pause until either they have either consumed the whole quantity of drink (typically beer, but can be of any drink they may have with them) or they must pour the remaining contents over their head. Typically, there are no new shoes allowed on the hash trail whereas being caught in a pair of new shoes may require that one drinks from the offending shoe as penance. Other traditions include a prohibition of pointing with fingers, requiring the use of elbows or other appendages to indicate direction, or the use of real names (aka nerd names) at any point around other hashers.”