A story by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith

I’m pretty sure that S would love to be able to bring me into the library and storytell this story to the children.

I liked it! Enjoy!


There were two things Chester loved most in the world – his family and his sheep.

Chester’s family was named Wippenhooper. The Wippenhoopers all looked different.

Untitled-Scanned-03Chester the out-of-work dog Untitled-Scanned-05 Untitled-Scanned-06

However… did Chester think that the city was great?


Chester had nothing to do. He was bored. He was restless. He needed to herd. So he decided that if he couldn’t herd his sheep, he’d just have to herd something else.

Untitled-Scanned-08 Untitled-Scanned-09


For miles he walked until he reached a field near the edge of town.


They didn’t smell like his sheep… they were kids!

“We’ve been lost for a whole hour and now the bus wouldn’t start. We’ll never get there”

“We’ll have to walk”

“but we don’t know the way. Does anyone know how to find our school?”



The principal was waiting at the door. When the children told her what Chester had done, she invited him to come in and see their play. Chester was delighted.