Here’s another story to share…. this time round.. featuring a dog that looks like me!!

Muarharhar har har har..

See the simliarities? S even put me into the cover.. and Isn’t it great? I finally got to ‘meet” some sheep!!!
king and floss book cover

Floss by Kim Lewis

Floss belongs to an old man who stayed in the city.. she loves to play ball with the children and such. One day, the old man told Floss that his son needs a sheepdog as his is getting old and cannot work the sheeps anymore. So off Floss went to learn about herding. She learned really fast.. it was in her to herd sheep. However, she missed playing with the children too.

One day, while she was working the sheep, the farmer’s children started playing ball… Floss remembered how much she loved playing ball and she left the sheep andwent and play with the children.. she jumped really high.. caught the ball and the children had a riot playing with her. However, the sheep got away while she was playing with the children.

What do you think happened next? You have to read the book to find out!

edit: see me as a colour pencil drawing too!