Went to the dog run yesterday… and guess who i saw?

Kaiser and his K!!

I’m happy that at 1.5yrs, he’s turning into a great dog… even winning the Maxi agility and jumpers trials!

You can read all about him on his blog.

Kaiser’s K was learning how to use his camera to take Kaiser in action… so S took hers down to show/demonstrate. It’s a bit tough for S as she wasn’t used to K’s camera… but the shots from S turned out really nice!

Getting the frisbee

Reaching for it

The King and Emperor

Deja vu??

See this picture that we took almost a year back

BTW.. Toto’s owner is fostering 5 homeless puppies now. They are looking for their forever home. Give them a chance to grow up to be the best doggies that they can be.

You can email me (look under about me) or Toto’s owner if you know of peeps who may be interested.