For some strange reason.. S has been collecting my fur and putting them all in a bag. According to her… she’s on a mission to collect recyable stuff.. and my fur being one of them.. so i got really curious and started sniffing around.

Guess wat i found out? Apparently.. she together with a team of colleagues have to design a costume for a VVVIIIPPP out of recyable materials.. and my fur will give the costume the OOOOPPPMMMMHHH it needs… Fur trimmings for the cloak!

Harhar har.. it’s so funny don’t you think?

So now.. i’ve been really busy shedding.. and luckily for S… she got the FURMINATOR, recommended by Abby.

So see today’s fur donation pile!!

Fur for donation

Next time i should really start charging and get some money to buy treats!