S came back from her company’s dinner and dance mighty pleased… apparently.. everything went really well.

The table that she sat in got the best dressed table (got some prizes) and the costume that she and her colleagues made from recycled materials won the Project Runway segment.

Are you curious what it looks like .. especially with my contribution?

Here’s the write-up to it by the very talented Aunty WL.


He comes forth from the mammoth building at Victoria Street,
Where people of all ages study, read and sometimes eat…

Bearing the Sword of Mission and Shield of Vision,
Put together by cardboard, foil and many hands in action!

Decked in his royal cloak and mighty armour,
He definitely is THE man of the hour…

What was needed, you might ask…
For the fervent hands who had to complete this colossal task?

A sword, a belt, a chest-plate, and of course, the elaborate helmet
Adorns this warrior with absolutely no cost to his wallet!

Look below to his manly sandals…
And especially so, to how his muscles wrap the buckles!

I will just give you a gist of the list of things
That went into the making of a costume fit for a king…

So now I start, without much ado,
Listen up, for quickly this I will do:

“Trash bags, not rags…
Aluminum foils, not lethal coils…
A flowerpot, that is oh-so-hot…[note to Emcee: pls say this sultrily]
Plus feathers that can tell the weather,
As well as a little furry hand from Man’s best friend!
Raffia strings that do not go ‘ding-a-ling’…
And finally – tape, glue and cellophane paper,
All went into the completion of this unusual caper!”

By the way, we need to stress…
Rest assured that NO ANIMALS were harmed in the making of this warrior’s dress!

Presenting… S’s bigbigbigbig big boss… you get the idea.. the very top man in a kingsley fur-trimmed belt and fu-trimmed cape.

Costume from recycled materials including kingsey's fur

So wat do you think.. i can have a career in selling fur?