Where's my bald man?

Aunty A always told S that Shaggy loves his men bald… and she alwas scoffs at that very idea. Guess wat? After S took Shaggy home for the weekend, she learnt her lesson.

After Ck sent us home, shaggy kept crying and barking for him. Even after the door was closed, the lights were switched off. Shaggy just kept sitting behind the main door and kept crying. Until S’s mummy was afraid that the neighbours would complain… so she took him into her room. That didn’t help either.. Shaggy barked at regular intervals.. so he got kicked out.

Initially S didn’t want to kept Shaggy and myself together. Who could blame her? That naughty boy was bothering me too.. so after a nip from me, and a few hard stares.. i think he learn’t his lesson.. and kept to himself in the corner of S’s room and slept. (BTW.. Aunty A thinks that it is hilarious cos I kept her up when i was staying at her house.. so she said that S got wat she deserved!!!)

After that… Shaggy and i went to run in the field… i was pretty surprised that he could keep up with me. Every 1 step 1 took.. i think he needs to take 5 steps. His legs are so short!! kekeke… i think he enjoyed himself.



And that’s not all… S took us swimming. Remember that Aunty S whose swimming pool i jumped into? kekekekekke..


I think that Shaggy was trying to hitch a ride from me.




Guess wat are we looking at?


My fave ball of cos!



After the swim, we were all so tired.. but before we could go to sleep… S decided to give Ethan Kor Kor a lesson in opposites!



Big, small

Long fur, short fur

Long legs, short legs

Older, younger

Black, white

You get the idea… no wonder we are tired.


Shaggy and me

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