October 2006

Happy Halloween doggies and peeps!

I wish we celebrate halloween over here! 

Halloween Henry

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Sigh… you know wat… i just found out that my face was on the SPCA website demonstrating ‘SIT’. Even though it’s such a simple thing….. how can they use my face in vain? How can they not interview me or put my name there!!!!?

Am i destined to have fame but not fortune????

Where’s my FORTUNE?????!!?!?!?!?!

Found myself on SPCA website.. demonstrating SIT!

that i’m a boy who ran in the Great Eastern Women’s 10km run okies? don’t you envy me? Cos I had almost 3500 women to herd/chase.. kekkkekekek.. hence the lusty and hum suap, tongue drooling look.
That's me running in the Great Eastern 10km women's run

You can see the full article on Today at

Why do i run?

Cos if you did… you would have won $$$


to go and buy 4D.. for i finally got my tag for the Bull Run


Incidentially.. S’s car number plate in Australia used to be 093. And wat was interesting is that it always sounded like Dog Up in cantonese… and this one sounds like Always Dog Up/Rise.

Well… hope i do well in the doggy race! Wish me all the best! Will be going for training at least once every other day liao!

trying for size

Trying the tag for size. What do you think?

Deepavali was just last week… given it’s a holiday.. there’s plenty for me to celebrate! Why, cos S didn’t have to go into the office and work.

So how did we celebrate it then?

The only way we knew how… by doing the Bollywood Dance around the trees in the Botanical Gardens.

Doing the turn

The twirl

The lifts

The jump

Finally, the almost cheek to cheek
Cheek to cheek..

BTW.. I’m a great dance partner!

It is inevitable that one would get hot and thirsty after all that dancing. Luckily for us.. we found the water cave… and had a blast splashing water to cool us down!

Found the water cave

Splashing and cooling down

All pictures taken by CK

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