It’s been a year since i went to my forever home and not forgetting that i’m a year older!!!

And wat a year it has been.

Made so many new friends… tasted so much new food and had so much activities.

See the card i made to send to my ex-home to thank Uncle Cohen and Aunty Kat?

Wat a wonderful year

Pretty ain’t it?

Sorry for the lack of updates.. i was away.. and so was S.

Can you believe that she went hashing in Cambodia and didn’t bring me?? She claims that there were lots of stray dogs there.. i guess we’d hear more about it later.

Phnom Penh hash


I’m so upset.. and the best part was that she came back too tired to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday!!!!???!! What a birthday huh?

Sigh… and that’s not all… i had to go and take my shots too.. blah.. wat a week!