I will never complain about being bored during the weekdays anymore.. cos i had so much fun over this weekend that i need a whole week to recover.

It was hash day on sat and it was a blast.. so many people and dogs turned up despite of the haze. We were so afraid that it’d be cancelled. Luckily, the hash went on and it was pretty okies.. not too tough.. and we all enjoyed it.


Chester and his humans turned up..


See whose tongue is longer? Chester or his S???

so did Eddy and Oliver..

Sole Sister

photo by CK
Aunty Pat found that it wasn’t that easy to lose her sole

and even shaggy!!!


he was being such a baby…. (oh.. he IS a baby)

However, he’s such a friendly chap that even Chester is keen to get to know him


However, i seriously think that he is putting up a front about being tired and getting his fave bald man to carry him. Cos immediately after the hash during circle time, he was having a blast!! See evidence!!!




photos by CK
All i can say that i’m glad that i’m not Sparky.

And Shaggy wasn’t the only one having fun.. Check out this trio!


photo by CK
psst.. you think Sparky was jealous cos he wasn’t the in the action?

And it was great that everyone was having a great time.. cos it was our birthday celebations!!!



photos by CK
Just wanna say that Ah Chai was too celebrating his birthday.. but he lost his balloon.. and after that.. he went around sussing the other dogs that we didn’t get a good picture of him!

And see the amount of presents i got? Both food and toys from various people. Aunty P (Oliver’s human), Aunty V, Aunty Eilin, Aunty Gloria,Aunty E, and not forgeting Aunty A and Aunty Yuni who baked the yummy cakes for all of the doggies. Thank you sososososo much..
I got 2 large pieces and wolfed them down so fast!! kekkekkekekeke.. sorry.. no pictures leh.. forgot to take.

And…each of the doggies who turn up for the hash got goodies bags from the birthday kids!! homebaked yummy cookies from S.. Dried liver treats from Aunty A.. and some toys for the humans too!!
My Yummy Presents

And on Sunday.. i went to pimp myself.. all for the sake of fundraising!!!

I have to look pretty and be well behaved for poeple to take pictures with me!!! Each picture cost $4 and I raised $12!!! kkekekeke


photos by CK

I wasn’t the only dog who had to pimp.. there were others too. See some of us!! there were others who left early and didn’t join in to take the picture.

All in all, we raised over $100.. 🙂 Not bad right?


photo by CK

And after then, S, Ck and myself went down to the park to show our support for SPCA‘s Paws for Life event.

Bill was performing and Chester’s S gave a talk too.

I cannot stand the girls.. They found it hilarious that they were wearing the same tee (by SPCA!!) and keep pointing to me.. and getting me to obey to their tee!!


Can’t they see that i’m already SITTING LAR!!!????

Now you know why i’m so tired???