See.. with the haze that is going around in Singapore, i haven’t been out much. And it didn’t help that S was taking part in some photography competition. The worst thing was that TRAITOR took a picture of Conga and it was selected as one of the top ten pictures!!

Why oh why wasn’t my picture??? I want instant fame and I want my picture to be published in the National newspaper too!!!!


Just in case you are curious, this is the picture of Conga, titled “Darkness”


S knew that i was upset.. but what i didn’t know was that she was planning a surprise for me. She was working on something for the past week, simply in full concentration of something.. and i finally was presented with it this evening.

My very own laptop to blog with! And it even has my face on it.

Kingsley and his laptop

I’m so happy!!

A close-up look


S says that this was made with Swarovski crystals so i’d better take good care of it.

Can’t wait to blog my next entry!!