I know that there are people asking how the customising laptop was made.. i’m going to share with you S’s secret.

FYI, the Swarovski crystals were bought from Arab street in Singapore.

But before buying… you need to choose/design a picture..

This was my design.. note that there were modifications in the end picture that made it look more like me. Like the ears for example. My ears aren’t as cute as those in the picture.

Then draw out on the laptop …. this will help you guage where to stick and such. Then, start sticking the crystals

Draw and stick

Draw and stick

Then you have the final product.

People asked what kind of glue was used. Well.. it really depends on how permament you want the crystals to be. Cos there’s lots of glue out there that you can use.. from Uhu, to cement, to white glue.. One of S’s friend, Aunty J, even used nail varnish… but her crystals fell after she dropped the phone that the crystals was stuck on.

S ‘s think that it’s quite fun.. especially when you are stuck indoors with the haze outside.
So anyone going to try making one for themselves? Leave a comment and show me the final product okies?