Me of cos, at the Singapore Kennel Club Dog Show today.

Kingsley - fastest dog


BTW.. i had to beat a few GRs, a few BCs to get the radio cum CD player and a huge pack of food.

Errr.. there was a little misunderstanding that happened as well.. i tot that one of the yellow tee man was taking away my stuff.. and i nipped him. Hope he wasn’t too upset.

The dog show was very noisy, tiring… but fun. Was nerving though. I don’t think that i behaved very well.

Oh well…

And guess wat? Chester came in Best of Breed – Fun Event.. and runner -up in the Champion of the Day – Fun Event.

Kaiser came in first for Jumpers too.

Congrats everyone… it’ was fun taking part!!! Winning the ladio was an added bonus (my first time taking part and winning something too!!!)

Now.. if only i have opposable thumbs to switch it on while S is at work.