Went out with some of the people from the pet portal on Hari Raya Day.. and S’s parents came along.

Just in case you were wondering why never ask everyone.. well.. it was a last minute decision to go. I wasn’t keen cos Jeannie would be there (we fought previously)… and S had some plans with her parents.

Well.. the morning arrived and the family decided that it’d be good to take a walk.. get some excerise and such.

Even though that the other peeps had called it a “hash”.. i was prepared that it was just going to be a walk in the park.. literally.. cos i’ve been there before. Though the roads are paved.. there are trails going in and even out through the horse riding paths… I expected most of the people will choose to stay on the proper roads through the cemetery and they promptly did that. What was surprising was that someone even came pushing a dog stroller!

But i must admit that it was a nice walk.. i enjoyed myself.. running and playing with Kaiser.. and just trotting along.. enjoying the outdoors.

And i have learnt to stay far far far away from Jeannie!!..(which is great cos.. now.. we can go out already.. i’d just pretend i don’t know her.. and hopefully she will leave me alone!!! Tee hee hee)
P/s.. Thanks for the drinks and snacks!! The cranberry miffins are just wat i needed after the walk, Aunty E!!!

Gathering and Waiting

Waiting and waiting and waiting..

Another Handsome boy

Hey Chester!!! Another Red and white BC in Singapore!!!

Whose more tired?

Who’s more tired?

Who's there?

Who’s there?

Jeannie.. my nemesis

My nemesis, Jeannie… I’ll stay far far away from her

Enjoying my walk

Having a great walk…


Posing for pictures

A happy fellow

Sharing a joke with my friend, Kaiser!

Anyway.. Just in case you are interested, the November Hash site and date is out. See you there for the dog hash!!