November 2006

After a second recee at the site.. i’m happy to announce the hash site. BTW… please note that all participants are expected to stay back for the circle (the after run activities, the social part of the hash, as where they tell stories, have fun, and enjoy everyone’s company).

Date: Saturday, 2 Dec 2006

Hares: Mini-Humper, S, Kingsley & Oliver

Time: Register 4.30 pm Run Starts at 5 pm

Location: Jalan Kwok Min (drive right to the end until you reach the BKE. That’s the starting point)

From SLE or BKE, exit at Mandai Road.. then drive towards Mandai Camp II. Jalan Kwok Min is between Mandai Lake (where there’s a big zoo sign – come see face to face with the world’s biggest bear) and Mandai Camp II. It’s a small small lane rather than road.
Follow the HHH signs.. there’d be markers at the road opening. If lost.. please contact the organisors or even S.
Members fees:
Non-Beer Drinkers $60*
Beer Drinkers $80* (half year)

Guest not registered:
Non-Beer drinkers $15
Beer Drinkers $20

Dogs……… FOC

*Fees include all drinks and circle snacks.

For further information call
Sandra hp: 9833 9317
Alice hp: 9842 2483
Lily hp: 9658 5868

Web page:


Lots of water, sweat, fun and laughter..

you can read more about it from jellybeano’s and kaiser’s site.

Myself and S really enjoyed making fools of ourselves.

pictures by jellybeano

Uncle K found a huge boulder.. and we thought that he was really strong. Being the man he is.. he is able to lift the whole boulder up.

So S tried too.. and she was even stronger.. able to lift it way over her head!

however, the strongest of them all was Aunty J. She only needed one finger to lift up the boulder… isn’t she strong?

If only you knew what went on behind the scenes

Here’s to a great time… and more please!!!

Hike hike!

As you may know… i volunteered for hare duty for Dec’s dog hash. Aunty Sandra, S and myself went for a recee today.. there’s going to be a couple more with Uncle G whose’s more familiar with the site. The place is so big… we actually got lost!!! It was Aunty Sandra first visit there in a long time and she wasn’t familiar with the place. We had to climb in all sorts of funny places..Aunty S and S even had to carry me up and across some funny stuff and then.. even bashing through stuff….. all i can say is it’s going to be very interesting… Be PREPARED!!!

Running in the fields

It's a tough climb

Where are we?

BTW… this is us at the end of the 2.5 hr site recee.
How did we end up so dirty?

All smiles though

P/s… you don’t need to step into the nature reserve to find such places in Singapore for us to run.

Never seen me play before?

Meet oliver.. my BFF.

kekekekhe came over for a short visit today… and i’d be looking forward to playing with him when he comes over to stay.

Video of oliver and myself playing here

Was at the ANF outdoor games at bishan park after S finished her work on Sat.

it was fun meeting up with everyone.. and kaiser looked liked he had a blast earlier in the day with his flyball and agility programme.

How come CK and S are always taking pictures of other dogs and not of me?

I did like Kai-boy’s squrriel looking picture. Makes you so want to hug him right?

Ball pals!

Btw.. this is me and my ball pal, buddy.

Chester!!! how come never come?

BTW.. who’s up for a hike this sunday?? Toto? come and join me?

Wat do you think? Can i pass off at a bunny in the meadows?


Video here

One one ran out of her house when the gardener left the gate open on Tuesday. Her human suspects that she is in the Bukit Brown Cemetery which is located just behind the house and organised a search party for her today (he had been looking for her for the past days). And we went to look for her this morning.

I wish to report that she was found.. but she is still missing. So if anyone of you are around the area, please keep a lookout for One one?
I wonder if she was still missing by hash day maybe i can get S to set the trail at Bukit Brown Cemetery instead of Kranji? What do you think? Would we be killing 2 birds? Maybe by setting the trail.. we might see her? Or even.. when we are running through?

BTW, One one is deaf.. but still has excellent sight and smell.

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